Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Poker Goals

Here's a list of my 2010 goals. I'll likely add to them as the year goes on and will be referring back to them a lot to keep myself on track.

Become Proficient at No-Limit

-Play at least 3,000 hands a week
-Watch at least 3 videos a week and take notes
-Read through NL threads and articles every week

Continue Learning/Improving at Limit
-Study results through HEM
-Develop more balanced ranges in common situations and cater them to specific opponents
-Take more notes/study regulars to be able to exploit them better
-Continue to watch videos and look for ideas

Achieve SuperNova Elite again
-Continue to grind midstakes games
-7/8 table lower stakes (10-20) if necessary
-Play more higher stakes games (50-100 and 100-200)

Try to win a WSOP bracelet
-Play at least 20 events including most or all of the limit events
-Get far enough ahead in the SNE chase that I can focus on tournaments for a month
-Play the Sunday NL tournaments on a regular basis to stay sharp


  1. Good goals and I wish you the best of luck!

  2. gl on your goals. I enjoy lhe a lot but at the small stakes it seems like there are some decent sized swings for very little money. Specifically at 1/2 and 2/4. Do you think it is worth it to even play at these levels anymore? With the biggest winners having a 1-2bb winrate these days do you think its still smart to pursue playing lhe as a full time thing if you can only play as high as 5/10 or so?


  3. Thanks Tyler,

    1/2 and 2/4 are extremely difficult to beat due to the high rake in terms of % of average pot. The lower your win rate, the bigger the swings. I'd expect bigger swings, in terms of big bets, at those limits compared with higher limits where the rake is less.

    Not sure whether it's worth it or not, that's subjective. If your primary reason for playing is money, my advice is to learn how to play heads up and 3-handed where much higher win rates can be obtained. Or try no-limit where the player pool is huge and the lower limits are more beatable.