Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out of the PCA

Got knocked out late in level 13. We were down to about 350 players when I busted. They were paying 225 unfortunately - I probably could have folded into the money but that's not my style.

I started the day shortstacked and doubled up the first level when my 77 held up against AJ. Nothing too exciting happened until about Level 12. I was up to about 55K and reraised an aggressive player all-in with A7s (blinds were 1200-2400 I believe). The big blind woke up with Queens and the initial raiser folded. I ended up hitting a runner-runner straight and that brought me up to about 110K. From there I ran it up to 140K before losing it all in one hand. It was a pretty ugly last hand - I raised from the button with 97s to 6500 and was reraised by an aggressive small blind to about 18K. I 3-bet to 45K which he called. I flopped a flush draw and moved all-in. He quickly called with Jacks and I didn't improve. Oh well, that's poker.

I'm planning on playing at least one more tournament. They have a 6-max limit tournament next week and a few more smaller NL tournaments. I'll at least play the limit tourney and probably one of NL tournies. I'll have some updates on those if/when I play.

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