Sunday, January 31, 2010

January in the Books

It wasn't my best month in terms of hands or win rate but I managed to do pretty well largely in part to running good at 50-100. I don't feel like I"m playing very well, even when I had a big upswing I felt like I was losing focus at times. I cut down to 4 tables for several days and still was having trouble focusing. I'm going to make an effort to exercise more in February, hopefully that will help with focus/concentration issues I'm having.

With the new VPP structure I only need to play about 60-65% of the hands I'm used to playing to stay on pace for SNE. While that's good, it's also made me a lot less motivated to play hands which ultimately translates to less money. So I have a hand goal starting in February of 2000 limit hands per day.

On the no-limit front I ran extremely well but only managed to play to play about 4700 hands. I had a goal of 500 a day so I fell well short of that. I did watch about 15 no-limit videos over the month and played 5 tournaments so I'm happy about that. I still need to play more hands and hopefully I can get up to 500 a day.

I haven't had much time to blog lately but hopefully I can get in a couple strategy posts during February. I have a few ideas of things to talk about, it's just a matter of taking the time to put it into words.

Good luck at the tables everyone.

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