Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

I'm back from the PCA, unfortunately I didn't cash in either of the events I played. I played in the 6-handed limit event the day before we left. Nothing too exciting happened, I was pretty card dead throughout and ended up 10th out of 26th. I did meet a bunch of people I play regularly with on Stars so that was cool.

I've been playing a lot since I got back trying to make up for all the days I missed. I'm earning VPPs at a much faster rate this year due to the changes Stars implemented - almost 20% faster. This makes a huge difference and I'm confident I'll be able to make SNE again this year.

My primary concern/goal is getting better at no-limit. I've been watching about a video a day and playing about 500 hands a day at 1-2 and 2-4. I feel like I'm learning but still have a ton to learn to be a consistent winner in the 3-6 and 5-10 games.

I will probably be making some no-limit posts this year maybe comparing some of the differences between no limit and limit along with some strategy. I will be working on my limit game as well so they'll be plenty of limit posts along the way.

Things have gone very well so far at no-limit and not so well at limit:


  1. Good luck at the no limit cash games. Do you play shorthanded tables? Why do you prefer playing cash games than SNG?
    Just curious, good luck!

  2. Thanks Luis. I haven't been playing short-handed tables, I don't feel comfortable enough yet. I'm planning on studying heads up no-limit though and will be playing a lot this year.

    I actually built my poker bankroll playing SNGs. I used to play them on Paradise Poker and then Party Poker. I worked my way up from the 20s to the 200s and was playing about 10 a day - back then I thought 10 a day was a ton since I only played 1 at a time. But I've never gone back to them, I'd imagine they are a lot tougher now.

  3. Limit games have been pretty tough though lately, don't you find?


  4. As tough as I've seen them since I started playing on Stars a year ago

  5. I'm hoping it's just the January grinders all going for SNE. Hopefully the games will improved later. I think last January was tough as well. 10/20 and up has just been ridiculously tough this last week.