Tuesday, May 4, 2010

CardRunners Video Up

That's it, just wanted to let everyone know my first video is up. Please make comments, suggestions on CR so I can improve future videos.


  1. I liked it.

    You use your opponent's opening range to aid in 3bet / fold decisions preflop, as do I. How do you quantify the decision? There are many factors to consider. Right now I really just kinda ball park it based on hot/cold equity, but I want to do better.

    Factors to consider:
    a) Opener's opening range.
    b) Opener's quality of postflop play.
    c) Number of players left to act.
    d) Looseness of players left to act.
    e) Quality of postflop play of players left to act.
    f) Probably many others that I haven't thought of.


  2. Hey Mad,

    Glad you liked, don't forget to rate it.

    Basically what I do in determining whether to 3-bet is this:

    I look at the position they are raising from and their RFI from that position. I know what my default range is against default RFI%'s from each position. So, if their RFI is high or low based on my default #'s, I adjust my range 3-betting range. If it's a very close decision after adjusting my range then I start to look at the other factors you mentioned. Something else I look at is the aggressiveness of opponent's after me, particularly the button if I'm raising from the hj or cutoff. You mentioned the looseness of players to act after and this definitely effects some decision too. For example, I'm a lot less likely to 3-bet a hand that plays poorly 3 handed like a small pair if I have someone who is playing a large % of hands after me.

    Another factor I consider is table image and history I have with the opponent. If I've been 3-betting the opponent a lot I might pass on a close decision or vice versa.