Saturday, May 29, 2010

Out of the 1K

Not too much exciting in this one. I had a great table as expected, I only recognized Tom McEvoy who busted pretty early when he ran Jacks into Aces. We started with 3000 chips or 120 big blinds so there wasn't a whole lot of room to manuever. I actually was dealt a fair amount of decent starting hands but it seemed like every time I had it I won a small pot and every time I didn't I got played back at.

The biggest pot I lost was when I isolated a limper one off the button with AJ to 200. The flop was AQ8x with two spades and I checked behind. The turn was a spade and he led out 200. I read his bet as weak, probably a flush draw or flush draw+pair and raised to 625 intending to check behind on the river, he called. The river was an offsuit King and he led out for 850 and I thought for a while before calling. I couldn't really put him on a hand besides JT or a bluff but as it turned out he had a slowplayed flush with 45s. I had been playing a lot of hands to that point and my opponent had been limping a lot and generally playing bad so I thought there was a good chance his river bet was a bluff. From there I was down to about 2K and nothing exciting happened until I raised all-in with AQ two off the button with 1600 chips - blinds were 75-150. The small blind woke up with AK and that was that.

Next up is the $1500 NL on Monday. We start with 4500 chips in that one so they'll be a little more play at least.


  1. Are you wearing any patches? like PS or CR

  2. I'm not at the moment but I should be receiving some CR clothes soon.