Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Update/WSOP Thoughts

I've pulled to within 6 days of SNE pace and have been playing a fair amount amount of hands. I think I was two weeks off of pace when I returned from Monte Carlo so I've done well hands wise but nowhere near the 2500 hands a day goal I had set for myself. Inevitably, things always seem to come up and I haven't been quite as driven as last year. For example, yesterday I spent 3+ hours unsuccessfully trying to will the Celtics to a victory instead of playing. It was worth it even though they didn't win.

As I have all year, I've continued to run well this month. It's really amazing because I'm not playing nearly as much heads up and 3-handed as I was last year. I don't even feel like I played very well this month particularly during the last week, nevertheless my results have been good:

I'm heading to Vegas in 2 days and my first tournament is on Saturday. I've been watching no-limit videos every night, both cash game and tournament videos. I've also been playing 2-3 tournaments a day online although that doesn't seem to help me much since I'm usually 3-4 tabling ring games and paying little attention to the tournament. The videos are a big help though and I plan on continuing to watch them throughout the next six weeks. I've also been reading Telling Lies and Getting Paid and Positively Fifth Street to psyche me up for the WSOP.

It will undoubtedly be a grind and a battle of attrition at times. I've set the following rules to help:

-Eat Healthy
-No Caffeine after 7 PM
-Exercise on days off
-Get as much rest as possible (not always easy to do between Day 1 and Day 2 of a tourney)
-Sanitize my hands several times a day (I've been sick during almost every extended stay in Vegas)
-Stay focused on making the best decision possible using all the information I have available, the rest is irrelevant

Next update after Day 1 of the 1K NL..


  1. i wonder why the vpps/hand are less for 100/200 than 15/30


  2. They're based on the amount of money raked per pot, number of players at table, and whether the table is 6-handed or 10-handed. In general, you should earn more VPP's at higher limits but not necessarily.

  3. Best of luck in the WSOP tournaments. I played in one of the LHE events last year for the first time and I'd like to suggest one more rule for your list: Eat a light dinner during the dinner break! I had filet minion / mashed potatoes / etc and it made me really sleepy for the rest of the night.

    It will be nice to have you absent from the pokerstars tables for a while. ;)

  4. Thanks Mad, that's a good suggestion and a mistake I've made more than once.

    I'm never happy to see you at my tables either. Your 6-max game is getting stronger and stronger.

  5. Tony,

    Have you ever seen zzeigler, stickman, or otterkopf at the wsop lhe events?

  6. Not that I know of but I'd bet I've played live with at least one of them and not known it.