Monday, May 31, 2010

Out of the $1500

The hand that seems to be following me came up 2 hands into level two. I had about 3200 in chips from the original 4500 and had been calling a lot in late position and then folding either the flop or turn unimproved. I think I had an image of loose passive up to that point so I felt like I had a good trap set when I decided to call a late position raise from the button with KK. The small blind folded and the big blind raised to 750, the original raiser thought for a while before calling, and I of course moved in. Big blind who has me covered moves in and original raiser thinks for a while before folding. Big blind has Aces, original raiser says he folded AK. I don't catch the case King and that's that.

This is the third time I've run Kings into Aces. I did it in the Main Event three years ago deep into day 2 , in the Mohegan main event this year, and now. It will be a nice feeling when I'm on the other side of this one and they hold up.

I was disappointed to learn that they start the blinds at 25-50 and jump to 50-100 right away. So, we actually started with less big blinds in $1500 despite having more chips (1K starts at 25-25) which doesn't make much sense to me. The second level is 100-200 so an average stack starting the second level probably has less than 50 big blinds. I assume the $1500 tournament has more levels towards the middle or end of the tournament or else it's structured poorly in comparison to the 1K.

Next up $1500 on Wednesday....


  1. man I hate when you have KK and run into AA. I have had that happen to bust me out of tourneys. Better Luck on Wednesday. Go Lakers! -JG

  2. Thanks Jeff, going to be a hell of a series - I'll take the Celts though!

  3. Good luck in the next tourney. The KK vs AA bs has to end at some point!