Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gettin my Grind On

Finally back home and looking forward to playing full time again. I haven't played much the last three weeks or so and have fallen about 35K VPPs or 2 weeks off SNE pace. I'm planning on playing about 15 events during the World Series which starts at the end of the month so I'll probably lose 3-4 weeks there as well. So the next three weeks should be poker filled for me, I'm hoping to average about 2500 hands a day which should bring me within a few days of being on pace before heading to Vegas.

Been playing a fair amount of NL lately as well and watching a lot of videos. I feel like I'm getting better although my results haven't been too great, it's a very small sample though of a couple thousand hands. Not sure how much NL I'll be playing in the next couple weeks but hopefully 3 or 4 hundred hands a day in addition to my regular play.

Also planning on playing some of the SCOOP events that are coming up. There is a 5K limit event on Friday and several midstakes NL tournaments that I'll likely enter.

This is what May has looked like so far:

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