Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out of the $1500 (Again)

I made it to the end of Level 7 and was up to 20K in a chips a couple times during the day from the 4500 starting stack.

I called an all-in from a short stack who had 9 big bets with KQ late in Level 7 and he unfortunately had QQ, That brought me down to about 15K when the following hand came up.

A very tight player who I hadn't seen raise a hand in over an hour raised from UTG to 1200 with about 8000 chips behind. I had KK on the button and decided to call with the intention of setting him all-in on most flops. The big blind who had me covered by a few hundred chips called as well. The flop was J76 with two hearts. The big blind checked, UTG bet 2400, I raised all-in. The big blind instantly called and UTG instantly called. Big blind had JJ for top set, UTG had 77 for middle set. I didn't improve and that was that.

I'm fairly sure no matter how I played preflop, all the money was getting in postflop since I don't think the big blind ever folds. I was actually surprised he didn't reraise preflop based on his play up to that point but he was probably afraid of the very tight player having a big hand.

As played I may have been able to just flat the flop bet from UTG and get away from my hand when both players moved in. In hindsight this seems like a decent play but I would have run the risk of letting both players draw at something.

I have no regrets though, I played well.

$1500 Limit (!) next up on Friday...


  1. geez dude, you are always running into monsters

  2. i would prefere 3-betting preflop

  3. Yeah me too. I don't normally flat here but UTG played poor enough postflop that I felt like I could get him all-in on a lot of flops. As it turned out, it really didn't matter what I did, big blind wasn't going anywhere with Jacks and I would have been stacked either way.