Saturday, April 10, 2010

1K NL Day 1

Started with about 250, down to 26 or 27 and they're paying 25 places. I have 61K, average is around 110K. There are a bunch of short-stacks trying to hang on and one player with over 500K in chips.

I had tough tables all day with the best player at the table always 1 or 2 seats to my left. Jason Mercier was on my immediate left for about 9 hours. According to a bunch to the tournament regs he's in the top 5 best tournament players in the world. I tried to stay out of his way but he kept getting in mine, it seemed like he raised 40% of the hands at our table.

I'm not playing to get in the money tomorrow and cash for $2500. With blinds at 1500-3000 to start, I won't hesitate to reraise someone all-in if I think I'm ahead of their range. Most of the big stacks are relentlessly raising at this point in the tournament so it's a distinct possibility.

More to follow, hopefully late in the day.

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