Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Out of the Main Event

I had a pretty frustrating day. I started out winning seemingly every pot I played and had built up my 30k starting stack to 47K by the middle of level 2. Towards the end of the level I was dealt Kings in the big blind, there was a raise and call in front of me, I reraised and the initial raiser 4-bet to about 6500 (he had 27K or so). I had a strong feeling he had Aces but I just couldn't bring myself to call or fold so I moved in and sure enough he had Aces. I flopped a King and he rivered an Ace to add insult to injury. That brought me down to 20K.

From there it was all downhill. It seemed like I went two hours without a playable hand and my stack was down to about 5K. I went all-in a few times without getting called and was up to about 8K when I moved in with AK. I was called by JJ and after a Jack flopped, I was out.

I had a really great table today, the level of play was surprisingly bad. Unfortunately the cards didn't cooperate.

I'm planning on playing a 2K event tomorrow at 4 PM and then possibly a 1K event on Friday. More updates to follow on that.

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  1. Damn! Hope u'll get some good luck tomorrow!