Friday, April 9, 2010

Out of 2K in 33rd or so - off to play 1K

2 Big Hands

1st Hand

Kenny (Poker Stars Pro don't know last name) raises in late position. I reraise TT to about 8K with 45K behind, he calls. Flop 963, I bet 9K, he calls. Turn Jack, he checks I check. River Q, he moves all-in. I thought and thought before finally folding. He said after the tourney he had 89.

2nd Hand

Same guy raises on button, I reraise to about 9K with ~30K behind with the AsQc. Flop is J92 with two spades. I move in, he calls with J9. Turn's an Ace, river's a brick and I bust.

Oh well, I really wish I had called the first hand. Both his preflop calls are pretty bad given how shallow our stacks are. I wouldn't be complaining if I called and won the first hand though. Oh well, that's poker.

Off to play the 1K, last one on this trip.

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