Saturday, April 10, 2010

Out in 3rd

I busted in 3rd and cashed for 21K, first was around 70K. I ended up losing a big race at the end - my AQ to 55 for about a million chips (there were 2.9 million in play). I played well and ran very well for most of the day. Heading home tomorrow and have some pretty big news (poker related) when I get back.


  1. nice job tony. How did you end up for the trip?

  2. After the last cash I ended up doing pretty well. I lost ~2K and 5K. Won ~20K and 1K. After all expenses a little bit ahead. I can't put a price on the experience I gained though. The fields were really tough, especially the 2K so to play with those guys for several hours a day was great for my game.