Thursday, April 8, 2010

$2150 NL Day 1

Quick update since it's 3AM and we start back up at 1:00:

135 Players, Super Strong Field, 15K Starting Chips

We're down to about 45 players, 15 places pay with 1st around 90K.
I have 54K, average is about 48K. High point 70K, low point 6.5K

Played good, ran better. Hope to do the same tomorrow.


  1. i live 25 min away, i'd like to meet up but sounds like you're busy. i'll shoot you my number on your old hotmail account if you're free and want to grab food or a drink.

  2. Good luck tony - Hopefully when I check in later you'll have an even better post...

  3. Hey Eric,

    Not sure if I'm going to have time. My brother is coming down today + tournament. Possibly tomorrow, we're leaving early Sunday.
    Can you send the number to I never check that hotmail account mostly because it had so much junk mail.


    Thanks, I hope to have a better one too. It's going to take a lot of luck with the strength of the field.