Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1K NL Day 1

I ended the day with 36K, average is about 55K. 280 players started, we're down to 45 and they pay 24 places. 24th pays about 2500 Euro and 1st pays about 90K Euro. Blinds start at 600-1200 w/ 200 ante so I'll have about 30 big blinds to start.

The skill level was pretty poor overall. There were are a few really bad players and then a lot of average to good players. I don't have much of a frame of reference other than the Mohegan events I played which were loaded with strong players. It's possible I drew good tables today too but unlikely.

I wasn't involved in many interesting hands. I got the majority of my chips by getting it in preflop twice with AK against QQ and my AK winning both times. Other than that, it was mostly stealing and restealing. My high point was about 55K during the 2nd to last level. I was reraised a bunch of times in the last level and forced to fold which brought me down to 36K.

I feel pretty good about my chances if I can get some cards. 30 big blinds should allow me to patient and pick my spots. Another update to follow tomorrow, hopefully late in the day.

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