Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monte Carlo/April Update/CR Video

I'm leaving tomorrow to play the EPT championship in Monte Carlo. I had a little bit of bad luck drawing Day1A on Sunday, I'm leaving tomorrow morning and arriving in Monte Carlo late Saturday so hopefully I'm not too jet-lagged. I'm planning on taking some melatonin on one of the flights to help me sleep. Generally I have a tough time falling asleep on planes so I'm a little worried about it.

I've been playing a bunch of online tournaments the past couple weeks trying to hone my skills and have continued to watch NL videos. I seem to be bubble boy this week. I finished about 10 spots out of the money in the Stars Sunday tournament when I ran AK into Aces about 35 big blinds deep. I also bubbled the Sunday warm-up, I don't remember the hand I busted but I lost a pretty big pot with KK vs. K8. Ah the joy of tournaments. Hopefully I have some luck in Monte Carlo, I'm going to need it against what will likely be a very strong field.

After Monte Carlo, we're off to Italy for about a week. I should have some pics of the trip to post when I get back.

I just finished my first CardRunners video and I believe it's scheduled to be released in about 2 weeks. There should be announcement on CR about it. Hopefully some of you can watch and give me feedback.

April has been a pretty slow month so far. I've only played about 20K hands and I think I've run a little below expectation. I still haven't hit a really bad stretch this year but the past week has been one of my worst weeks so far. I'm not complaining though, I've run extremely well this year.

Next post after Monte Carlo Day 1....


  1. what stakes are u playin in ur CR vid? SH or FR?

  2. It's mostly 2 tables of 30-60 and 50-100 6 Max

  3. So the volcano dust cloud isn't affecting your travel arrangements?

  4. Make a video about how to beat Zz or St1ck plz.

  5. Everything appears to be on time so far (fingers crossed).

    Beat ZZ or Stick? LOL They are both great players.