Sunday, April 25, 2010

Out of the EPT Championship

It just wasn't my day. I played two significant pots and lost both:

Level 2

Player in early position raises to 600, loosest/most aggressive player at the table reraises to 1700, good player thinks for a while and calls 1700 - at the time I thought it was very likely he had TT or JJ - folded around to me and I have AKs. I raise to 7K with about 20K behind. Initial raiser folds, reraiser moves all-in and cold caller folds. I came very close to calling but ultimately decided not to because I hadn't played many hands to that point and my preflop 4-bet had to look like a huge hand to him. He showed Aces and I was down to 20K.

Level 5

I've fluctuated between 10 and 20K since level 2 and am back up to about 18K. Blinds are 300-600 w/ 50 ante. Same aggressive player raises from early position to 1500, I reraise to 4000 with AA. The player immediately behind me raises to 12K. Initial raiser folds and I of course move in. Player after me calls with QQ. Another player announces he folded a queen as the dealer is about to put the flop out. First card I see on the flop is a Queen and that was that.

I had pretty terrible luck all day in about every imaginable way, I'll spare the details. It was really unfortunate because I had a great table, it was close in terms of skill level to some of the tables I've played on day 1 of the WSOP main event which was very surprising. We were at table 2 also which meant we weren't breaking on day 1.

I'm planning on playing at least one other smaller tournament while I'm here. There's a 1K Euro event on Wed and also on Thurs. If I get knocked out of the Wed tourney, I'll likely play Thursday too.


  1. Some days you are the bug, other days you are the windshield. Better luck in the smaller event Tony.

  2. Sorry to hear, hope you enjoy your trip even if poker goes bad!