Thursday, June 17, 2010

$1500 NL Day 1

I started with 4500 and ended with 25200. We're down to about 260 players from 2400 and they pay 243. Average is about 37K and I'll have roughly 20 big blinds to start day 2. I have a great shot of making the money although I plan on being aggressive while we're on the bubble so anything's possible.

It was a very strange day. I don't feel like I ran well at all, I just kept stealing blinds and whenever my money went in I had the best of it and my hand held up. I wasn't dealt Aces or Kings all day and had AK only once. I did have Jacks and Queens several times which is where most of my chips came from. I was up to 12K by the end of Level 1 and then down to 3500 by the middle of level 2. For the next 4 levels I never had more than 5500 and going into the dinner break I had less than 15 big blinds. I briefly hit 40K during the last level and then lost 2 hands before we broke for the day.

I'll have an update tomorrow, hopefully not till late at night.


  1. from WSOP website:

    6/17/2010 6:28:52 PM PST (about 5 minutes ago)

    Connally KO'd By Quads

    Steve Connally moved all in for his last 24,300 and was called by Anthony Pirone.



    The flop kept Pirone squarely in the lead and leave Connally drawing to just a ten for a straight.

    The on the turn changed little, and when the landed on the river to give Pirone quads, Connally made his way to the rail.