Friday, June 18, 2010

Out in 54th

Most of my day was spent much like yesterday, short-stacked, stealing blinds, and reraising people all-in. The few times I was all-in I had the best of it and my hands held up until my bustout hand. I had 120K with blinds at 4-8K and a player in mid position raised to 15K and I reraised all-in with Kings. He called with Nines and spiked a nine on the turn. I would have been over 250K and above average but that's poker. I played well and ran well today, I finally picked up some premium hands and doubled through a player early with Aces.

Next up will likely be the 1K on Saturday.


  1. I was following you on Finally the cards went a your way a bit..Congratz on your placing.

    Sucks about Boston tho, I thought they were taking it down!

  2. Thanks, yeah was pretty upset about Boston but I knew it was a long shot without Perkins. They played well, if they had home court, I think they win the series.