Monday, June 21, 2010

Out on the Right Side of the Bubble

I had about 19K to start the day and folded the first 9 hands. 10th hand I'm dealt A8o on the button and raise to 1500, small blind who hasn't played a hand cold-calls, and big blind who is short-stacked moves in for 6500. I reraise all-in and small blind folds. Big blind has 84s and rivers a flush - I'm down to about 10K.

I reraise the button all-in from the big blind with KQ0 and he shows an Ace and folds. Back to 12.5K.

Fast forward a couple orbits and I raise all-in with AJ from early position with 10K (Blinds are 400-800), get called by a shortstacked player with 99 and his nines hold up. Down to 5K.

An orbit later, I'm down to 4K and raise all-in with TT, get called by 55 and my Tens hold. I'm back up to about 10K.

I fold the next 10 hands or so and the bubble breaks.

First hand after the bubble breaks, player with 8800 in chips moves in from UTG, I move in for 8300 with QQ. He shows AJ. Flop T83. Turn A. River J.

And that was that.

On one hand I feel very lucky to have cashed, I came in 324th and they paid 324. When I was down to 4K in chips, I was probably a 2-1 dog to make the money. On the other hand, I easily could have had 30 or 40K in chips if my hands hold up.

Next up $1500 NL on Wednesday

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