Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Out of the 10K Limit

Not much to say other than I didn't win a single hand after the end of Level 2 and I lasted until about the middle of Level 5. At one point, I went over an hour doing nothing but folding. It was literally 3+ hours without winning a hand and I went from 36K to bust over that period.

The last hand I played I had 5K in chips and was in the big blind with T8s, blinds were 400-800. A very aggressive player who had been raising 40-50% of the hands that were folded to him, raised in mid position. The next player 3-bet (he had 3-bet him at least 6 times to that point). I 4-bet with T8s figuring my hand did pretty well against their ranges and I'd have a decent shot of tripling up or even winning the pot uncontested by the turn given how tight I'd been playing. Flop was J85 with one of my suit. I bet, second player raised, preflop 3-bettor folded and I reraised all-in and was up against 66. Turn was a 6 also bringing me a flush draw and I didn't improve on the river. It was a really frustrating and boring tournament. I had a great table, the easiest limit table of any event I had played but the cards handcuffed me.

There's a chance I'll play the $1500 NL tomorrow otherwise next up is the 1K NL on Saturday.


  1. save ur money donkaments are retarded

  2. Damn those cards somedays.