Friday, June 25, 2010

Out of the $1500 and $350 Venetian Deep Stack

Not much to say about the $1500, I played about 10 pots early and won 1 of them - mostly calling late position raises with small pairs and suited connector type hands that I had to fold. I got all-in with a flush draw on a K33 board and the player happened to have A3s, I didn't improve.

I ran over to the Venetian and registered late for their $350 deepstack tournament. I ran my chips up to about 30K and then ran AQ into AK for about 12K chips. I had 18K with blinds at 400-800 and raised to 1950 with Aces. Player behind me moves in for 12k and the player after him moves in for 16K. I call, first player has KTc, second player has JJ. Flop is 236 with no clubs. Turn 2. River J. The very next hand I moved in for my remaining 2K with 88, got called by A4s and flop was AKK.

Not sure what I'm playing next, I'm pretty spent right now. There is a 1K tomorrow but I might take a few days off and play the 3K "Triple Chance" tournament which I think is next Wednesday. That one is 3K in chips to start but they give you two additional add ons by the end of the second level so effectively 9K chips to play with.