Monday, June 7, 2010

Out of 6-handed $1500 NL

I had 4200 chips late in level 3 and called a raise to 375 (blinds 75-150) out of the small blind with QTs from a very aggressive UTG player and and UTG+1 coldcaller, big blind calls as well.

Flop is T67 with two clubs. Big blind checks, UTG bets 750, UTG+1 folds, and I move in for about 3K more. He thinks for a while and calls with the 63 of clubs for a pair+flush draw.

He turns the flush and that was that.

Next up is the $2000 Limit on Wednesday and then a 6-handed $2500 Limit on Friday.

Looking forward to the next two limit events, hopefully the cards cooperate.


  1. Damn! I hope you get a better luck in your next tournament!

  2. your killin me smalls! better luck on Wednesday!! -JG