Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out of the $2500 Mixed

The structure in this one was awful. We started with 7500 in chips and the 1st limit round was 100-200 so we started with less to 40 big bets. To make matters worse, they doubled the blinds in the second limit level and the levels were only 30 minutes long.

I never got above my starting stack of 7500. Going into the 3rd limit level I had 3500 in chips. I played one hand where I had 3-bet a player with ATs, he turned a straight with A3 and that was that.

Next up $1500 NL tomorrow.


  1. Do you know the structure before it starts? I don't think this is the 1st time you've complained about it.

  2. Usually I check the structure ahead of time, this time I just glanced at it last night. Regardless, that doesn't negate my right to complain about it. In fact, I sent an email to Harrahs complaining about how bad the structure is for all the limit events.