Sunday, June 20, 2010

1K NL Info

It looks like there were 2559 to start Day 1A and we're down to 287 players. I'm tied for 122nd.

If anyone is interested in following tomorrow, you can do it here:

They hand us numbered cards at the beginning of the day that we carry with us to all our tables and they're able to update chip counts that way.


  1. time to get a nice run of cards for once in 7 tournaments.-JG

  2. I actually ran incredible for 6 levels yesterday for the first time, I'm almost positive I was the chip leader in the tournament. If I had ever run like that at the end of the last tournament where my kings got cracked, I run away with the tournament. Timing is everything.

  3. good luck bro!

  4. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it.